Call for a fundraising campaign to preserve the Jewish cemetery in Hemsbach

For more than 300 years the Jewish cemetery in Hemsbach has been the final resting place for well over 1,000 Jews from Hemsbach and from ten other Jewish communities along the Bergstrasse region. 52 graves belong to Jews from Großsachsen, 132 to Jews from Leutershausen.

The impassable terrain always impresses visitors during guided tours, but the last storms showed that many trees can no longer withstand the wind. Graves and gravestones have already been severely damaged.

The cemetery must therefore be renovated as soon as possible. This means that up to 300 trees have to be cut down. But this is only possible under very complicated conditions, because in some areas the gravestones stand very close together. The clearing must be carried out by specialists so that the gravestones and enclosures are not endangered. Since the city of Hemsbach is responsible for the cemetery, it has to raise the costs of more than 110,000 Euros. The state of Baden-Wuerttemberg will take over a small part of the costs and (hopefully) also municipalities of communities near Hemsbach.

We ask all those throughout the world who are concerned about the preservation of the Jewish heritage in Hemsbach to make a donation for the tree-cutting campaign.

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Arbeitskreis Ehemalige Synagoge Leutershausen

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Volksbank Kurpfalz eG
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