About Us

Arbeitskreis Ehemalige Synagoge Leutershausen (Working Group of the Former Synagogue of Leutershausen)

The “Abeitskreis Ehemalige Synagoge Leutershausen e. V.” (Working Group of the Former Synagogue of Leutershausen) supports the use of the former synagogue as a cultural site. It explores and promotes the knowledge of Judaism and its history in the region of Baden and encourages dialogue between the religions.

The Working Group was founded in 1998 and is a nonprofit organization. The village Hirschberg an der Bergstrasse consists of the two parts Leutershausen and Grosssachsen.

Objectives of the Working Group

The objectives of the working group according to its statute are:

  • to support the community of Hirschberg in maintaining and using the former synagogue as a center for culture and as a meeting place
  • the exploration and publication of the fates of former Jewish citizens of the community
  • the restoration and maintenance of contacts with living Jewish former citizens of the community and their descendants
  • the transfer of knowledge about Judaism and its history and participation in inter-religious dialogue
  • critical observation and public discussion of instances of discrimination against ethnic and religious minorities of any kind in society.